Hindi Department Activities

Regular Activities:

A) Induction Programme:


  • In the Beginning the students are introduced to the facilities available in the college and the programmes of college.
  • The faculty of the department introduce themselves to the students.
  • The student are made aware of the facilities provided by the department and programmes of department.
  • This programme Includes-
  • * The syllabus for the year is dictated. * Evaluation scheme is explained. * Made aware of Internal Assessment. * Question paper pattern is explained.
  • About Teaching Methods. -
  • * Lectures. * Seminars. * Assignments. * Quiz.

B) Bridge Course:


  • Bridge Course is conducted in the beginning of the Academic year.
  • The previous year syllabus is reviewed.
  • The students reading and writing skill is tested by giving exercises.
  • Basic grammar classes are conducted.
  • Basic grammar knowledge is tested through grammar exercises.
  • To examine the depth of the knowledge in the subject passages are given for translation.

C) Periodical Meetings:


  • Department meetings are conducted every Two OR Three month once.
  • The minutes are noted down in a separate book.
  • The subject discussed in the meeting would be about attendance, Performance of the students, Result, weaker student and other activities.
  • Measures to be taken for the improvement in the performance of the weaker students.

D) Seminars:


  • Student select the topic of their interest for active participation.
  • This helps the students to refer various books.
  • This improves the knowledge and writing skills of the students.
  • Time is given for discussion.



E) Assignments:


  • Topics are selected by the staff and given to the students.
  • This improves the writing skills of the students.
  • Correction of Assignment are made by the staff and given back to students.
  • After completion of each lesson students are given to write Assignments.
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