Education Department History

Education subject was introduced in the year 1996 as one of the optional subject in B.A Degree course. It is the subject which is introduced with three combinations namely, History Sociology Education, History Education English (OPT) and History Education Economics.

Now a days Education subject is gaining more and more popularity in the student community. Because, those who completing their education with education Degree, it is enabling and helping the students to study further courses like B.Ed and M.Ed which are providing employment opportunities to serve as secondary school teacher and college teacher. Education subject helps to go for research works in higher level of education. It also helps to cultivate good method of instruction in the teaching community.

The founder teaching staff member is Sri. Sadshivaiah B.M, who is serving in the department since 1996 and others who worked in the Department are Dr. Basavaraja and Dr. Pani Burly B.K.

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