Physics Department Activities



  1. Guidance to students: Apart from the regular work the students are given advice and guidance about repairing themselves to face examination with confidence.
  2. Interaction with parents regarding students progress: Parents of the students whose performance are not satisfactory have been called to the department and necessary instructions have been given to take care of their children.
  3. Interaction/assistance with out going students about the future prospectus: Information regarding possible placement of getting employment opportunities being informed to the out going students. As a result majority of the students have secured placement in private sectors. The importance of higher education is given. As a result many students joined MBA, MCA and PG courses.


When the students enter into PUC after getting through SSLC they feel it difficult to cope with the heavy syllabus. Similarly when they enter into degree getting through PUC they feel it difficult to cope with semester scheme. So to make them feel comfortable with semester scheme of examination they are given some guidance and hints regarding how they should prepare themselves in studying and facing the examination in the form of Bridge Course. Also they are exposed to the different instruments that they have to use while doing labs. This is done at beginning of the academic year. This is done by taking extra classes and by not affecting the regular classes.

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