Chemistry Department History

  • Chemistry Department of S.J.V.P.College was constituted during the year 1970-71 with prof.Hulgur as the HOD.
  • During 1972-73 prof.U.S.Nejjur replaced Prof.Hulgur, as hr relinquished his post, as HOD.
  • During 1975-76 Prof.P.Sudhamshumouli joined the department as lecturer.
  • Prof.P.Sudhamshumouli replaced prof.U.S.Nejjur as HOD as Prof.U.S.Nejjur vacated his post to take as KAS cadre.
  • Prof E.Rajanna joined the depart as lecturer during 1979-80.
  • Prof.K.G.Kariyanna joined the department during 1985-86 as lecturer.
  • Between 1976 and 1981, Prof .Revanasiddappa, Prof.Revankar.
  • Prof.Rudraiah, have rendered their service to the department as a part time lecturer.
  • Prof.Lokaiah, Prof.Kulkarni, Prof. J.S.Prakash. Prof.Geetha Damodar has rendered their service as staff gap lecturer.
  • Ashwini .R has joined the 2011.
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