Zoology Department History

S.J.V.P College was started during year 1970-71. Biology subject was introduced as one of the subject for science faculty for P.U. classes. Botany and Zoology subjects were introduced for degree classes during 1984-85 as combination subject for CBZ. Started with a batch of eight students, since then the strength of students has been an upward growth year by year. During the academic year 2010-11 the student’s strength in the Zoology Department has reached 79.

The founder teaching staff member was Sri. Jagannath Bongale, who served the Department from 1970-72. Sri M.S.Channappa goudar has served the Department as lecturer in Biology from 1972-76. Since 1976 to 1982 Prof. B.B.Nandyal has worked as lecturer in Biology. After introducing the degree courses Prof. A.S.Hittalamani is serving as H.O.D of Zoology since 18-12-1985. Prof. B.B.Nandyal has retired during the academic year , July 2010. Prof. A.S.Hittalamani has been serving as H.O.D. of Bioscience.

With the assistance of U.G.C grant and effort by the Governing body members new block for the Zoology Department has been constructed. During the year 2009 new Zoology museum has been established with assistance of U.G.C grant of XI plan and effort of the management members and principal. Zoology Department has the combination of C.B.Z, C.Z.BT. During the year 2009-10 Zoology subject was extended as one of the component subject for C.Z.CS combination. Department of Zoology is having equipments, Bio-visual charts, computer and internet facility and other teaching aids worth of Rs.2,48,181/- as on February 2010. with the help of which practical works & Theory classes being conducted satisfactorily.

The Department is maintaining its own Library with the help of donation raised by the staff and students. The Departmental library is having 350 books as on 25TH March 2009. Staff member in-charge is looking after the distribution of the books to the students.

Department of Zoology is maintaining an additional General Knowledge wing with help of donation raised by the Alumni Association, where number of monthly magazines such as Competition Vision , Wisdom, Study planner etc are maintained and provided to the students to get prepare for the competitive examinations like I.A.S, K.A.S, M.B.A and B. Ed etc along with their degree course. Staff member in-charge is looking after the distribution of the magazines to the students twice in a week.

As an interdisciplinary programme Environmental Science has been introduced for Science, Arts and Commerce students. Mr. M.C.Sappali teaching the subject.

Students of Bio-science Departments have brought Laurels to the college by their remarkable achievements.


15 students have passed with distinction. Shruthi G.T and Deepa Prabhu have secured 90% and 88% respectively.



  1. Miss.Shruthi Hamsagar. (C.B.Z)- I Rank.
  2. Miss.Neeta Telkar. (C.B.Z)- III Rank.

Outstanding performance of the students in the year 2008-09 from B.Sc final semester students Miss Shruthi Hamsagar topped the list by scoring 95% of marks in CBZ. In addition to her so many students passed in distinction.

Final B.Sc semester students who have passed B.Sc in April 2009 have entered into the Post Graduate Course in the branches such as Biotechnology, Micro-biology, Applied Botany, Bio-Informatics, Applied Zoology and M.B.A.

In order to build the personality of the students special care is being taken by way of giving assignments, arranging seminars by the students and also by the outside scholars. Opportunities are being given to the students to interact with the scholars. During the year 2008-09 the Department of Zoology has organized career guidance programme for out going students Mr. Sathyacharana of Infotech, Chennai, addressed the students.

on 14-2- 2009. Students of Zoology Department participated in Science lecture in Kannada jointly organized by University and inter collegiate and got prizes.

On 18-2-09 carrer guidance programme was organized by the Department for out going students. Sri. Nagaraj of ICFAI, National M.B.A college Davanagere addressed the students regarding ‘‘How Best They Can Make Their Career Choosing M.B.A as a Post-graduate course’’. 8 students of our previous batch of our Department were successfully got placement.

A special talk on ‘‘DNA Finger printing and Molecular Markers’’ was arranged for C.B.Z C.Z.BT combination students. Dr. Girish Babu of Biogenics, Hubli made L.C.D Presentation.

During the 25-2-2009 Department Of Zoology organized U.G.C sponsored state level seminar on ‘‘ Conservation; Endangered Fauna and Limbless Amphibians of WesternGhat’’. Resource person for the topic was Dr. G.K. Bhat, BASE, Bangalore, gave valuable information about the fauna of WesternGhat. The seminar was well attended by the delegates of different Universities. 74 Registered delegates participated in the seminar.

On 7-3-2009 guest lecture was organized for the students of Zoology Department. Topic was ‘‘ Is Science Information or Knowledge”. Resource person Mr. Satish a noted young Scientiest and Science activist of India, in charge of Break through Science Society, Karnataka.

During the academic year 2009-10 students of our Department participated in Science Exhibition organized by Karnataka Rajya Vignana Parishat and Department of Collegiate education Bangalore on 10th and 11th Feb 2010 at J.C.B.M college, Sringere. 5 models constructed by II B.Sc students. Kumar. Suresh H.M.(C.Z.BT) and kumar. Hanumantappa G.K.(C.B.Z) got 3rd prize. Model was selected for state level exhibition.

On the 7thand 8th April 2010 students of our Department, kumar. Suresh H.M.(C.Z.BT) and kumar. Hanumantappa G.K (C.B.Z) who have selected in the University level for the Science model exhibition, partici pated in the state level exhibition competition held at B.V. Bhooma reddy Degree college , Bidar under the guidance of Prof. A.S. Hittalamani , H.O.D. of Zoology. The total number of 48 models were presented by the different colleges of our state. Among the 48 models presented, the model constructed by our Department students ‘‘origin of earth and Evolution of man’’ got 3rd prize with cash amount of Rs.6000. in this respect, the faculty members of Zoology Department convey special regards to our Vice president, management members, principal for their moral support and encouragement.

On 26-2-2010 kumar. Halesh J.H (C.B.Z) and kumar. Suresh H.M.(C.Z.BT) have participated in Science exhibition organized by Karnataka Rajya Vignana Parishat at R.T.E.S college, Ranebennur of Karnataka university got 1st prize, worth of Rs. 1000.

Kumar. Santoshkumar I B.Sc C.B.Z. attended Kuvempu University college level lecture competition of Bilogical Science in Kannada medium at M. Basavaiah college, Sirigere on 26-2-2010 and got 3rd prize.

On 31-3-2010 U.G.C sponsored minor research project inauguration was held at the Department of Zoology with tune of Rs.50000/- sanctioned by the U.G.C under XI plan. The title of the minor research project is ‘‘ Investigation of Fluoride Content In the Ground Water of some selected Villages of Harihar Taluk, Davanagere district’’. The Dias was shared by principal Investigator Prof. A.S.Hittalamani. Dr.H.N.Ramesh babu, Deputy Registrar, Distance education, Kuvempu University and Dr. Girish Babu , under the president ship of our principal Prof. H.A.Bhixavarthimath.


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