Computer Science Department Activities

Guidance to the Students :

Apart from the regular work the students are being advised and guided about preparing themselves to face examination with confidence.

Interaction with parents regarding students progress:

Parents of the students whose performance is not satisfactory have been given to take care of their children.

Interaction with the out going Students :

Information regarding the placement of getting employment opportunities being informed to the out going students. As a result majority of the computer science students have secured placement in private sector.

The students who want job in factories are advised to continue their education in MCA and the student who want teaching jobs are advised to join B Ed. those who want job in administration are advised to join MBA.

Cost of Equipment

Cost of the Equipments in our lab is above Rs 10.5 Lakhs.

Plan of Action


  • Allotment of work
  • Distribution of work among the members of the department.
  • Distribution of Syllabus month wise by maintaining work dairy.
  • Maintaining the attendance book, record book, work dairy and project development by final year students as per the Syllabus.
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