S.J.V.P. College’s N.S.S.History

The NSS is a voluntary organization based on ethical and social values in order to  implement the projects of the central and state governments. An NSS unit was started from the day of the inception of our college itself in the year 1970. Then the social service was projected as a sacred duty when our college was founded. Harihar was a small town surrounded by villages. Most of the students come from the rural family background hence initially the NSS unit created new interest and enthusiasm in the students.


           Sri. S.B.Tirlapur the lecturer in political science and an ex-military service man took an initiation in starting the NSS unit at our college also. When the total strength was around 200. Some 75 students voluntarily joined the NSS unit and involved themselves in community development service. It was one of the best unit in Mysore university area. He continued to be the NSS programme officer till 1974.

         Later the responsibility of continuing the NSS unit was assigned to Sri.B.H.Vishwanath Dept. of Political science from 1974 to 1984 arranging the special rural camps at various villages of Harihar taluk. The programme officer expanded its horizon.

          Sri. B.L.Kore has served as NSS programme officer from 1985 to 1988. In the year 1989 Kuvempu university sanctioned two units to the college. The programme officers were  Sri. M.K. Veerapur and Sri. Prabhakar Rao who have served from 1989 to 1994.

          In the year 2004 Kuvempu university sanctioned 3 NSS units to the college.

          In the year 2009-10 the Davangere University came into the exist. It sanctioned 2 units to the college.

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