English Department History

The Department of English has been in our college as a part of academic discipline ever since the inception of the college. Earlier for more than two decades English was being taught as a language only. Realizing its importance our esteemed management introduced English as an optional subject in 1995. There were hardly ten students in the initial period. Now the strength has gone up to nearly 200. The result in optional English has always been more than 90% ever since its start.

Further our esteemed management ventured to start P.G in English in year 2004. We are proud to say that 5 batches of P.G students have passed out from the year 2004.

Our department has bagged three ranks in the Kuvempu University.

We are happy to say that our P.G Students here also bagged a rank in the autonomous syllabi. Mr.Shivaraj Bhixavarthimath has bagged the 1st rank in the M.A. English Autonomous syllabi.

We are extremely happy to record this fact that there has been a qualitative as well as quantitative progress in the department of English.

English Department Activities

Objectives of the Workshop:


  1. To give students information about the skills of communication.
  2. To change the attitude of students and make them more positive in their outlook.

Eminent persons were called upon to make the workshop a successful one and to make the students develop their personality.

This Workshop was conducted for two days and all the final year B.A, B.Sc, B.com, and B.B.M Students were concentrated upon and nearly 200 students actively participated in the workshop and got benefitted from it. The opportunity was given for other college students also.

It is our immense pleasure to say that this workshop on the topic “Communication Skills and Effective Personality” proved to be a successful one, which we consider as a major achievement of our Department.

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