Kannada Department History

About Kannada and Literature:

The Language of Kannada is the mother tongue of the people of Karnataka. It is one of the Dravidian languages, which it has history of two thousand years. And it has rich cultural as well as literacy heritage. The various kings and the British rulers in Karnataka where they great Protrains of Kannada literature and culture. As we know the outstanding Poets are Shreevijaya, Pampa, Harihara, Raghavanka, Basavanna, Akkamahadevi, Kumaravyasa, Sarvajnya etc. The greatest contribution to the world Literature is Vachana from which Embody Socio Cultural Revolution for equality of gender and dreams the casteless and classless society. Thus Kannada is not just a language, but it is a cultural and way of life, believes in the democracy and unity in diversity and harmonious living that is the great contribution of Kannada to Indian culture. It is a matter of pride that there are seven recipients of Jnanapeetha Awards in the Kannada literature. They are Kuvempu, D.R. Bendre, Dr. Shivarama Karanth, Masti Venkatesh Iyangar, V.K. Gokak, Dr. U.R. Anantha Murthy and Girish Karnad. Recently central Government recognize Kannada is also one of the ancient language among the classical language of India.

Background of the Department of Kannada:

Ever since the inception of college in 1970, The Department of Kannada has been the in existence till now. Kannada has been thought as a “compulsory language” for degree classes and it is also thought “Optional Kannada” with many combinations in 1970 till now.

The Department of Kannada has contributed a bond of good Teachers, Lecturers, Research Scholars, Poets, Artist and as well as good administrator over the lost four decades.

Right now our Kannada department has four full time Lecturers and other four are Guest Lecturers, Among them there are two Phd., holders and one is doing Phd., As I am Head of the Department has been published twenty five books and so many articles in various magazines.

Post Graduation Centre in Kannada:

Using the privilegious of Autonomous Status to our college given by NAAC, Our Management sanctioning P.G. Course to our department from 2007-08. Every year 20-25 students are taking admission for P.G. Course in Kannada. It is the great milestone in the history of our department.

s per guidance of Autonomous guide lines the department of Kannada has taken interest to introduce a separate syllabus. As per separate syllabus, our department published own text books as they are:


  1. Adhunik Kannada Kavyagalu.
  2. Janapada Sahitya Darshana.
  3. Hosagannada Samvedanegalu Part – I
  4. Hosagannada Samvedanegalu Part – II
  5. halegannada Samvedanegalu.
  6. Haleganada Samkathan.
  7. Hosagannada Prabandhagalu.

Our esteemed management is presiding by the great spiritual leader and Holiness of Sri 1008 Shri Shaila Jagadguru Sri. Umapathi Panditharadhya Maha Swamiji and headed by the Dynamic spiritual organiser and good administratior Sri. M.S. Basavaraj Swamy is not only spiritual and religious organiser but a pattern of Kannada and literature. Our believed principal Prof. H.A. Bhikshavarthimath though belongs to English Department he is also patter of Kannada and literature. Already he has published four books in Kannada. Under the guidance of such a personality and blessings of his holiness we want to materialized the future plan of action.

Kannada Department Activities

Future Plans of Kannada Department:


  1. U.G.C. Sponsored Research center of Phd., and M.Phil. Courses.
  2. Diploma and Certificate course in Linguistics, Epigraphy and Translation.
  3. Folkloric Museum.
  4. Kannada Theater Study Center.
  5. A separate Department Library.
  6. Organizing U.G.C. Sponsored State / National level seminars and workshop.
  7. Introducing English, Computer Science and Kannada combination.
  8. Study center of native culture and literature.
  9. “Sri Varakavi Vageesh Kavya state level Award”
  10. Language Laboratory.
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