Hindi Department History

His Holiness 1008 sri Srisaila Jagadguru Vageesh Panditaradhya Mahaswamiji as a founder President of S.J.P.V.V. Peetha established S.J.V.P. College of Arts, Science and Commerce in the year 1970 at Harihar.

The Department of Hindi is established with the start of the college itself Sri. S.R.Agadi Sri, M.Basavarajaiah and Sri, S.M. Dakshinamurthy served as Hindi lecturers on Temporary basis Sri, P.H.Ramakrishna Rao was appointed as a full time lecturer in the year 1972 and he served up to 2005.

Sri. H.G Srinivas is served as Guest lecturer from the year 2003 to 2007.

Smt, Madhumalthi is served as Guest lecturer from 2007 to 2009.

In the year 2009 Sri, Ramesh K. Parwati is appointed as a full time lecturer in the retired vacancy of Sri P.H Ramakrishna Rao.

Hindi Department Activities

Regular Activities:

A) Induction Programme:


  • In the Beginning the students are introduced to the facilities available in the college and the programmes of college.
  • The faculty of the department introduce themselves to the students.
  • The student are made aware of the facilities provided by the department and programmes of department.
  • This programme Includes-
  • * The syllabus for the year is dictated. * Evaluation scheme is explained. * Made aware of Internal Assessment. * Question paper pattern is explained.
  • About Teaching Methods. -
  • * Lectures. * Seminars. * Assignments. * Quiz.

B) Bridge Course:


  • Bridge Course is conducted in the beginning of the Academic year.
  • The previous year syllabus is reviewed.
  • The students reading and writing skill is tested by giving exercises.
  • Basic grammar classes are conducted.
  • Basic grammar knowledge is tested through grammar exercises.
  • To examine the depth of the knowledge in the subject passages are given for translation.

C) Periodical Meetings:


  • Department meetings are conducted every Two OR Three month once.
  • The minutes are noted down in a separate book.
  • The subject discussed in the meeting would be about attendance, Performance of the students, Result, weaker student and other activities.
  • Measures to be taken for the improvement in the performance of the weaker students.

D) Seminars:


  • Student select the topic of their interest for active participation.
  • This helps the students to refer various books.
  • This improves the knowledge and writing skills of the students.
  • Time is given for discussion.



E) Assignments:


  • Topics are selected by the staff and given to the students.
  • This improves the writing skills of the students.
  • Correction of Assignment are made by the staff and given back to students.
  • After completion of each lesson students are given to write Assignments.
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