Urdu Department History

The Department of Urdu is established in the beginning itself that is in 1970-71. But a permanent Lecturer Dr. Mohamed Shahabuddin K. is appointed on 01-02-1979. Till then the students of Urdu were studying the subject by themselves under the guidance of beloved Teacher Prof. Ataulla Khan, D.R.M. Science College, Davangere, whose services are well known through out Karnataka.

The Urdu students Association of the said department organized many functions like Urdu Day, Abul Kalam Azad’s Day, Kuvempu’s Centenary Celebration etc., to highlight the importance of Urdu language and literature and to depict the Secular ideas of great personalities. And also the Urdu Department has honoured and felicitated the professors who have contributed much to the Research field in literature and to the principals who have served the Institution sincerely to uphold the high values in the society.

Among the outstanding students of Urdu Department Miss Nasheman T. was Awarded Gadinadu Gandhi Memorial Gold Medal for Securing highest marks in Urdu language in her BA degree, Kuvempu University in 2008.

Karnataka Urdu Academy, Bangalore had organized State level Urdu Essay writing competition for Degree students, in which Mr. Shahdab Ahamed M. won Second Prize (Cash prize Rs. 2,500 with certificate) in 2008.

In the State level Inter-Collegiate Urdu Debate, Essay writing and Ghazal Recitation Competition – Miss Waheeda Banu, Miss Kouser Banu, Mr. Shahdab Ahamed and Miss Syeda Firdose have won prizes individually and bagged Iqbal Rolling shield collectively, which was conducted under the auspices of Urdu Association (Comprising all Bapuji Degree Colleges) Davangere on 17-01-2009.

Miss Syeda Firdose (B.A.) and Miss Zarina Banu (B.A), won Second and Third prizes (Cash with certificate) respectively in the State Level Ghazal Recitation and Urdu Essay writing competitions, organized by Karnataka Urdu Academy in 2010.

“Urdu Day” is celebrated by the Department of Urdu with the Coordination of “Minority Cell”, SJVP College Antonomous, Harihar in the Seminar hall on 15th April 2010. Dr. Syed Khaleel Ahamed, Professor and Head, Dept. of P.G. Studies in Urdu, Kuvemput University was the Chief Guest spoke about the importance and popularity of Urdu language and its secular character. Janab Ataulla Khan, Rtd. Professor of Urdu, D.R.M. Science College, Davangere and Janab Sabjan Saheb, Ex-Municipal President, Harihar, have been felicitated for their selfless social work.

Urdu Department Activities

Regular Activities:

A) Induction Course (Programme) :


  • The students are being introduced to the facilities available in the college and programmes of the college.
  • The Teachers and the students introduced themselves mutually.
  • The students are made aware of the facilities provided by the department nd plans and programmes of the department.
  • The syllabus for the semester system is dictated.
  • Evaluation scheme is explained.
  • Made aware of Internal Assessment.
  • Question paper pattern is explained.
  • Teaching Methods - * Lectures. * Seminars. * Assignments. * Quiz.

B) Bridge Course : 

Bridge course is conducted in the beginning of the year.


  • The previous year syllabus is reviewed.
  • The students reading and writing skill is tested by giving exercises.
  • The Basic grammar classes are conducted.
  • The basic and practical grammar knowledge is tested through exercises.
  • To examine the perfectness of language practical translation is being conducted.

C) Periodical Meetings :

Department meetings are being conducted twice in a semester.


  • The minutes are noted down in separate exercise book.
  • The subject matter discussed in the meeting would be about attendance, performance of the students, Results, improvement of weak students etc.
  • Measures to be taken for the improvement of week students.

D) Seminars :


  • Students select the topics of their interest for active participation.
  • It helps the students to refer various reference books.
  • It improves the reading and writing skills of the students.

E) Assignments :


  • Faculty of the department selects the suitable topics for assignments.
  • It improve the writing skills of the students.
  • Assignments prepared by the students are being corrected by the Concerned teachers and returned to the students for their reference.
  • Assignments are given after the completion of each lesson.

Future plans and programmes :


  • To organize state level and National level seminars.
  • To start certificate or Diploma courses in Translation.
  • To introduce Urdu as an optional subject.
  • To subscribe some more important Journals and periodicals to the college Library.
  • To establish Departmental Library.
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