Political Science Department History

The Department of Political Science has been working since the inception of the College in the year 1970 Political Science . A MASTER SCIENCE has been offering various branches in the study. Still it has its significance and is recognized widely in modern times.

It is a fast growing discipline. The Department has made remarkable progress in arranging the guest lecturers and group discussions. The Department takes individual interest, care and concern in promoting the studies of the students. It encourages the students to actively participate in the teaching learning, research and evaluation activities. It also maintains cordial elation with the students and staff members. Department has been striving hard to improve the education standard of its students and their results in the examination. Department is getting good results.

There has been a qualitative and quantitative progress in the Department. Presently Political Science is being taught as an optical subject along with the other subjects like Sociology, History, Economics, Optional English and Journalism.

Political Science Department Activities

  • To enlighten the students as the responsible and ideal citizens of the country.
  • To make them to know about changing role of the state in the LPG age.
  • To develop the sense of Patriotism and belongingness.
  • o increase the Political Consciousness among the students and enabling them to participate in state affairs.
  • To create awareness among the students about International relations and World politics.
  • To create awareness about the Panchayat Raj System.
  • To take them to study different constitutions of the world.
  • To give idea about political thinkers (Eastern and Western) and political ideologies.
  • To guide the students in taking competitive Examinations.
  • To train them to become good administrators.
  • To create awareness about the fair and free elections.
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