Journalism Department History

Our department was started in 2005. Miss Sumana M.J. served for a year as a lecturer in this college. I Geetha T.P. am serving from 2006.

This subject is an Job–oriented course. It is an new subject for the students. By studying this course in under Graduation students come to know how the media organisation is working.

Today’s youngsters are showing much interest towards media. This subject was introduced to motivate the rural students of Harihar. Journalism course is offered with English and Kannada optional subjects. So that students would understand the importance of both the languages which are essentially needed for the media person .

By offering this course students will get an idea about reporting, editing, photography, printing, technologies, New media technologies etc., There are more Job opportunities by studying this course for the present youths.

We are happy to say that, the output students of our department was studying Post–Graduation in this subject and they are doing internship in different media organisations.

Journalism Department Activities

We from the Department of Journalism are proud to say that the staff and the students of our department actively participated in various social activities organized by our college and outside the college.

Our teachers and the students participated actively during the flood-crisis which took place in the year 2009-10 . The staff and students of our department donated food and clothes to the people of Garba-Gudi, Harpanahalli Taluk, Davangere District under the able guidance of District Commissioner Davangere, Amarnarayan.

We are proud to say that our department along with our students actively participated in the government run programme to remove Terrorism in the month Jan & Feb 2009 under the Title “ Bhayopadana Nirmulana Jana Jagrithi Samavesha”

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