Chemistry Department History

  • Chemistry Department of S.J.V.P.College was constituted during the year 1970-71 with prof.Hulgur as the HOD.
  • During 1972-73 prof.U.S.Nejjur replaced Prof.Hulgur, as hr relinquished his post, as HOD.
  • During 1975-76 Prof.P.Sudhamshumouli joined the department as lecturer.
  • Prof.P.Sudhamshumouli replaced prof.U.S.Nejjur as HOD as Prof.U.S.Nejjur vacated his post to take as KAS cadre.
  • Prof E.Rajanna joined the depart as lecturer during 1979-80.
  • Prof.K.G.Kariyanna joined the department during 1985-86 as lecturer.
  • Between 1976 and 1981, Prof .Revanasiddappa, Prof.Revankar.
  • Prof.Rudraiah, have rendered their service to the department as a part time lecturer.
  • Prof.Lokaiah, Prof.Kulkarni, Prof. J.S.Prakash. Prof.Geetha Damodar has rendered their service as staff gap lecturer.
  • Ashwini .R has joined the 2011.

Chemistry Department Activities

  • Action plan of the department 2005-06.
  • To better the results of 2004-05 for all semesters it has been decided to improve individual attention especially with students having secured lower marks or having failed , special catching has been planned in that direction.
  • Steps taken with regard to national development. Students have been encouraged to join NSS from B.Sc (all classes) 30 students have taken part in NSS camp held in Deetur village of Harihar taluq During8-1-2006 to 17-1-2006.
  • Paper cut out depicting national events and scientific developments have been put up regularly on department notice board.
  • Students have been informed about National development Activities in the classes also for a brief period before commencing actual topics.
  • Steps taken to develop global level capacities amongst the students. Students have been encouraged to visit websites, have access with internet to get to know international facilities related to chemistry.
  • Steps taken to develop values amongst students.
  • Steps have been advised to read topics related to human relations, cultural and spiritual values from time to time.
  • Steps taken to develop technical knowledge amongst students.
  • Recent research activities pertaining to chemistry have been brought to the notice of students orally and through research journals which have been subscribed and obtained in library.
  • Steps taken to achieve greater height amongst students.
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